Surat - "Diamond City of India " 

Surat is a city located in the Indian state, Gujarat. It lies near the mouth of the Tapti River at the Gulf of Khambhat (Cambay). The city is believed to have been founded by a Brahman named Gopi, who built the Gopi Tank (water reservoir) in 1516 and named the area Surajpur or Suryapur. Surat became the name of the city in 1520. Surat is famous for its diamond cutting and polishing so it is also is known as the Diamond City of India. 90 percent of the world’s diamonds are polished in this city. Surat was the fourth cleanest city of India according to the Indian Ministry of Urban Development. It is also famous for its silk fabric and cotton mills. Apart from this, it is also famous for its delicious Gujarati food, religious places, and beaches. If you are looking for Cab Service in Surat let us know and we will be happy to provide you with best price Deals for Car Hire in Surat for Airport Transfer, Railway Station Transfer, Half-Day and Full-Day Service in Surat City, car rental in Surat , Surat cabs booking , cab service in Surat, luxury car rental Surat, rent a car in Surat, corporate car rental in Surat, Taxi Service in Surat, business rent a car Surat, Surat Airport cab booking, Car Rental Tour Packages in Surat  To visit Surat and its destinations, you can hire a taxi from Musafircab at reliable costs and according to your choice that can be fit in your budget.


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Exploring Surat
The city is believed to have been founded by a Brahman named Gopi, who built the Gopi Tank (water reservoir) in 1516 and named the area Surajpur or Suryapur. Surat became the name of the city in 1520. It was plundered by Muslims in the 12th and 15th centuries. In 1514 the Portuguese traveler Duarte Barbosa described Surat as a leading port. It was burned by the Portuguese (1512 and 1530) and conquered by the Mughals (1573) and was twice sacked by the Maratha king Shivaji (17th century). Surat thereafter became the emporium of India, exporting cloth and gold. Its major industries were textile manufacture and shipbuilding. The British established their first Indian factory (trading post) at Surat (1612). The city gradually declined throughout the 18th century. The British and Dutch both claimed control, but in 1800 its administration passed to the British. By the mid-19th century, Surat had become a stagnant city of 80,000 inhabitants. It prospered again with the opening of India’s railways. The ancient art of manufacturing fine muslin was revived, and Surat’s cotton, silks, brocades, and objects of gold and silver became famous.
Places you can visit in Surat
1. Dumas Beach
Dumas Beach is a popular destination situated in the vicinity of Surat, at a distance of 18 km away. The palm and casuarinas fringed seashores of Dumas are popular among the leisure travelers visiting Surat. In around the Dumas Beach you can indulge in some road-side eateries and enjoy the sand and the waters. The place is haunted and has various storis behind the legend.
2. Surat Fort
A historic fort, Surat Castle was built in the 18th century to safeguard the city from the Portuguese. It is located on the bank of the Tapi River. The top of the castle gives an enormous view of the city and the River Tapi ahead. You can visit the fort if you love history and old architecture. While you are at the castle, enroll yourself for the video presentation, it takes you back in time and shows you the might of Gujarat’s Sultanate. Timing when you can visit Surat Castle is 10 AM to 6 PM.
3. Mughal Sarai
Mughal Sarai in Surat is an important landmark and an iconic structure. It was previously used as a tourist inn. Today, the building houses offices of the Surat Municipality. Visit this iconic structure to bask in the glory of its stunning architecture. Gaze at rich Islamic art on the arches of the Mughal Sarai. Once you are done sightseeing, enjoy delicious local Gujarati cuisine at restaurants and cafes nearby.
4. Swaminarayan Temple
Swaminarayan temple is one of the popular pilgrim destinations in Surat. Swaminarayan temple. Swaminarayan Temple, situated on the banks of River Tapti, was consecrated in the year 1996. The Swaminarayan Temple was built in honor of Sahajanand Swami, an incarnation of Narayana. The temple complex has three shrines dedicated to different Hindu Gods. The first shrine is dedicated to Harikrishna Maharaj and Radha-Krishna Dev. The 2nd shrine is dedicated to Lord Swaminarayan, Gunatitanand Swami and Gopalanand Swami and the 3rd shrine is the abode of Ghanshyam Maharaj. The temple was built with a modern facade. On the walls of the temple, there are intricate carvings and scriptures from historic moments from the Vaishnava sect.
5. Sardar Patel Museum
Sardar Patel Museum and Planetarium, known also as Sardar Sangralaya, is a popular attraction of Surat. This museum, established in the year 1889, was formerly known as the ‘Winchester Museum’. Post-Indian independence, the museum was renamed as Sardar Patel Museum and Planetarium after Sardar Vallabhai Patel. The museum displays artifacts and relics, which are related to the rich cultural history of Surat. The planetarium is an added attraction of this museum which runs a show on the origin of Universe regular.
Other places where you can visit in Surat are Dutch Garden, Tomb of Khudawand Khan, Sneh Rashmi Botanical Garden, Sarthana National Park, ISKON Temple, Chintamani Jain Temple and many more
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