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Sonbhadra or Sonebhadra is the second largest district of Uttar Pradesh, India. Sonbhadra is the district in India which shares its boundaries with four states namely Madhya Pradesh, Chhattishgarh Jharkhand, and Bihar. The district headquarters is in the town of Robertsganj. It lies in the extreme southeast of the state, and is bounded by Mirzapur District to the northwest, Chandauli District to the north, Kaimur and Rohtas districts of Bihar state to the northeast, Garhwa district of Jharkhand state to the east, Balrampur District of Chhattisgarh state to the south, and Singrauli district of Madhya Pradesh state to the west. Sonbhadra is designated as "Energy Capital of India" because it has lots of minerals like bauxite, limestone, coal, gold, etc and there are so many power plants. First Prime minister of India Pt. Jawarharlal Nehru to refer to Sonbhadra as "The Switzerland of India" because of its surrounded natural environment. In 2017, Sonbhadra is declared as a tourist attraction hub in the Purvanchal region and further promoted by Uttar Pradesh Tourism Department. Sonbhadra district has a very broad history. It has its remark in Ramayana and Mahabharat. This district is famous as the second kasha during the 11th century. Sonbhadra area was under the administration of various Governors of Mughal emperors. Some of the forts such as Agori Fort, Vijaygarh Fort, Sodhrigarh Durg. Varanasi International airport is the nearest airport from Sonbhadra. Headquarters of Sonbhadra, Robertsganj s located about 88 km from the city of Varanasi. Flights are available to all major Indian cities.

Places of interest in Sonbhadra


 1.  Agori Fort

Agori Fort is a sacred place for the Agori Baba and enclosed by the rivers from three sides  Bijul, Rihand and Son River. There is a temple of Goddess Kali in this fort. Agori Fort was residential of the Kharwar and Chandel dynasty. Madan Shah was the last Chandel king who ruled in the Agori Barahar area. Veer Lorik, the hero of "Lorikayan" fought and killed king Molgat at this place. The major attraction of point in Agori Fort is an artistic idol of the Goddess Durga in the fort at the entrance to the courtyard. There is a stone in the form of an elephant at the center of the river son which is called Krmaamel elephant of Molagt King who was killed by Veer Lorik. The fort can be reached by boat from Chopan.



 2.  Vijaygarh Fort

Vijaygarh Fort is a wrecked fort located 30 km from Robertsganj in the south on Robertsganj-Church road, in the Sonbhadra district, Uttar Pradesh India. Vijaygarh Fort was constructed by the unknown king and was renewed by great Jadon Rajput King, Maharaja Vijay Pal in 1040. Vijaygarh fort has both historical and archaeological importance. The fort and Princess Chandrakanta were pertinently illustrated in the novel Chandrakanta by Devaki Nandan Khatri. Near the main gateway of the fort, there is a tomb, which is assumed to be that of Saiyyed Jain-ul-Abdin Meer Sahib popularly known as Hazrat Meeran Shah Baba. There are two tanks known as Mira Sagar and Ram Sagar near the tomb which are never dry. There is a fair organized every April, and people from different religions attend.



 3. Kaimoor Wildlife Sanctuary

Kaimoor Wildlife Sanctuary is located in Sonbhadra and Mirzapur districts Uttar Pradesh, India. This wildlife Sanctuary includes leopard, blackbuck, chital, chinkara, ratel, and peafowl. The main species of wild animals found in the sanctuary are those of antelope, blue bull, wild cat, karakal, and bijju. There are few varieties of local and migratory birds forming a large part of the wild population.

Other places of interest in Sonbhadra are Gotthani Shiv Mandir (Gupta Kashi), Kund Vasini Dham(kudari devi), Panch Mukhi Mahadev, Shivdwar, Mukhafall, etc.
Nearby cities form Sonbhadra

The headquarters of Sonbhadra, Robertsganj s located about 88 km from the city of Varanasi. Robertsganj is well connected to Lucknow, Kanpur, Gorakhpur, Faizabad, Mirzapur, Varanasi, Prayagraj(Allahabad). 

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