Ujjain is an ancient city beside the Kashipra River in the central India state of Madhya Pradesh. Ujjain was the most prominent city on the Malwa Plateau of central India for much of its history. emerged as political central India around 600 BCE. Ujjain continues to be an important place of pilgrimage for, Shaivites, Vaishnavites, and followers of Shakta. If you are looking for Cab Service in Ujjain let us know and we will be happy to provide you with best price Deals for Car Hire in Ujjain for Airport Transfer, Railway Station Transfer, Half-Day and Full-Day Service in Ujjain City, car rental in Ujjain ,Ujjain cabs booking ,cab service in Ujjain, luxury car rental Ujjain, rent a car in Ujjain, corporate car rental in Ujjain, taxi service in Ujjain, business rent a car Ujjain, Ujjain Airport cab booking, Car Rental Tour Packages in Ujjain To visit Ujjain and its destinations, you can hire a taxi from Musafircab at reliable costs and according to your choice that can be fit in your budget. 

The place to  Visit in Ujjain


Mahakaleshwar is recognized as 'Dakshinamurti' since the image of the Lord faces the southern direction. This is another exclusive feature that is traceable only in Mahakaleshwar. In the sanctum, the idol of Omkareshwar (another form of Lord Shiva) is placed above the shrine of Mahakaleshwar. The site is adorned by the images of Lord Ganesh, Parvati, and Kartikay, placed in the west, north and east direction respectively.




Kal Bhairava Temple

 Bhairav is a fierce manifestation of Lord Shiva, and Kal Bhairava is the most important among the eight Bhairavas. If ancient scriptures are to be believed, Kal Bhairav temple is said to be related with the Tantra cult, a secret religious sect who thrived upon black magic. Since time cannot be restored the people say that the Kal Bhairava should be worshipped. Time must be spent keeping in view that spiritual progress is necessary for the lives of men. 


Ram Mandir Ghat

Ram Mandir Ghat lies near the Harsiddhi temple and is the venue for bathing during the sacred pilgrimage of Kumbh Mela. It is considered to be one of the oldest bathing Ghat in connection with the Kumbh celebrations. Millions of people throng this place during the mega Kumbh festival as it is believed that a dip here can wash off all your sins. This festival is one of the gigantic gatherings in the world where you will find millions of pilgrims from all parts of the world.


Kumbh Mela

The Kumbh Mela is one of the most extraordinary human gatherings on the planet. Held in India, the fair commemorates the legendary Samudra Manthan event in Hindu Mythology. The fair takes place only once in every twelve years for twelve days which are equivalent to the twelve years of the Hindu gods in the mortal world. Kumbh Mela is one of the most sacred and pious festivals celebrated at four places in India: Nasik, Ujjain, Haridwar, and Allahabad. 


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Full-Day Cab:- If you are planning to spend your entire day in the Auraiya, you can try Full-Day cab service in Ujjain also called an 8Hrs/80km Package. This service is most desirable for the traveler who wants to spend their entire day in the Ujjain.

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