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Jhansi is a district located on the bank of river Pahuj and Betwa in the Bundelkhand region of Uttar Pradesh, India.Jhansi was previously known as Balwant Nagar. It is an historical city. Jhansi is very famous for the queen Lakshmi Bai,Lakshmibai was the queen of the princly statae of Jhansi In the year In 1842 Raja Gangadhar Rao married Mannikarnika. After this marriage she was named as Lakshmi Bai. Lakshmi Bai was the Rani of Jhansi or Queen of Jhansi who led her forces against the British during the Sepoy Mutiny of 1857. Lakshmi Bai's name is famous throughout the world and symbolises strength, valor and courage.she was the great revolutionary who fight against the British.Lakshmi Bai became a martyr on 17th June 1858 during a battle with the British soldiers at Gwalior. Later in 1861, the British Government gave the Jhansi Fort and city to Jiyaji Rao Scindia.There are many places where can visit in Jhansi. They are Jhansi Fort, St Jude's Shrine, Jhansi Herbal Garden, Maha Lakshmi Temple, Rani Mahal, Barua Sagar Fort and many more.If you are looking for Cab Service in Jhansi let us know and we will be happy to provide you with best price Deals for Car Hire in Jhansi for Airport Transfer, Railway Station Transfer, Half-Day and Full Day Service in Jhansi City. car rental in Jhansi ,Jhansi cabs booking , Jhansi car rental, cab service in Jhansi, luxury car rental Jhansi, rent a car Jhansi, corporate car rental Jhansi, taxi service in Jhansi, business rent a car Jhansi, Jhansi Airport cab booking, Cabs in Jhansi, Car Rental Tour Packages in Jhansi To visit Jhansi and its destinations, car rentals in Jhansi, cabs booking,Jhansi car rental, car rental in Jhansi, luxury car rental Jhansi, rent a car Jhansi, corporate car rental Jhansi, business rent a car Jhansi, Jhansi cab booking M.I.C.E in Jhansi, You can hire the taxi from Musafircab at reliable costs and according to your choice that can be fit in your budget.

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Place you can visit in Jhansi
Jhansi Fort
 At a distance of 4 km from Jhansi Junction, Jhansi Fort or Jhansi ka Kila is an ancient and historical fortress situated in the heart of Jhansi, Uttar Pradesh.In ancient times,Jhansi Fort was built by Raja Bir Singh Deo of Orchha in 1613 CE The fort was the residence of the great Rani Lakshmi Bai of Jhansi, who fought the British East India Company during the 1857 War of Independence the wall of the fort used to surround the entire city of Jhansi and had ten gates and darwazas and the first eight of these retain their original wooden doors.Names of some of the gates are Unnao Gate, Khandero Gate, Sagar Gate, Datia Darwaza, Chand Gate, Jharna Gate, Laxmi Gate, Sainyar Gate and Orchha Gate.The fort had stored ample supplies of treasure and magazine.The main fort area are Ganesh Mandir, Panch Mahal, Karak Bijli Cannon and Shiva Temple.The Fort also houses the Panch Mahal, which was the place where Rani Lakshmi Bai lived with her husband Raja Gangadhar Rao until his death.There is also Karak Bijli tank is located within the fort and this is also one of the tourist attractions of Jhansi.
Rani Mahal
Rani Mahal is a royal palace located in Jhansi constructed by Raghunath II Newalkar. After the death of Raja Gangadhar Rao, Rani Lakshmi Bai used to reside in this palace.The palace has an open courtyard with arched chambers around it that is completely different from the typical Bundelkhand architecture. The palace was one of the main centres of the Great Sepoy Mutiny of 1857.Now Rani Mahal converted into a museumThis is one of the beautiful palaces that is one of the architectural marvels of Uttar PradeshOn your Tour to Jhansi you visit this beautiful palace and the magnificent Durbar Hall of the palace. 
St.Jude's Shrine
St. Jude's Shrine is a Roman Catholic Church located in the Cantonment area of Jhansi. Its foundation was laid on October 29, 1956. During the holy Novena and the feast of the saint in October, the shrine teems with pilgrims.St. Jude's' Shrine is devoted to St. Jude Thaddeus  St. Jude Thaddeus was started by the late Bishop F. X. Fenech.St. Jude's feast is celebrated on 28th October every year which attracts large number of devotees from far places. It is celebrated with a week-long fair and procession on the last day with great enthusiasm. 
Jhansi Museum
Rani Jhansi Museum is a museum located inside the Fort of Jhansi. It is one of the important museums in Jhansi and also among the must visit places in Jhansi.
This museum displays the rich history of the city as well as the entire region of Bundelkhand.This museum has an exclusive gallery on Rani Laxmi Bai and is a unique attraction. Jhansi Museum houses weapons, statues, dresses and photographs that belong to the Chandela dynasty. In museum also houses numerous terracotta structures, bronze statues, manuscripts, paintings and coins.Jhansi in Uttar Pradesh in India is one of the interesting tourist places in Uttar Pradesh which attracts tourists from all over.
Maharaja Gangadhar Rao ki Chatri
Chatri Raja Gangadhar Rao is located on the banks of Lakshmi Talab in JhansiThe Maharaja Gangadhar Rao Ki Chatri was dedicated to Maharaja Gangadhar Rao who was the king of Jhansi from 1836 CE - 1853 CE. He was the lover of the art and architecture and worked towards enriching the culture of Jhansi.The Chatri was built by his wife Maharani Lakshmi Bai after his death. The Chatri is set within a quadrangular walled structure and has two domed structures.This is one of the ancient monuments in Jhansi ansi is one of the interesting Tourist Attractions In Jhansi.
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