About Jaunpur

Jaunpur  is a city and a municipal board in Jaunpur district in the Indian state of Uttar Pradesh. It is located 228 km southeast of state capital Lucknow.Jaunpur is located to the northwest of the district of Varanasi in the eastern part of the North Indian state of Uttar Pradesh. Demographically, Jaunpur resembles the rest of the Purvanchal area in which it is located.Jaunpur historically known as Sheeraz-e-Hind having its historical dates from 1359,when the city was founded by the Sultan of Delhi Feroz Shah Tughlaq and named in memory of his cousin, Muhammad bin Tughluq, whose given name was Jauna Khan.In 1388, Feroz Shah Tughlaq appointed Malik Sarwar,a eunuch, who is notorious for having been the lover of Feroz Shah Tughlaq's daughter, as the governor of the region.The Sultanate was in disarray because of factional fighting for power, and in 1393 Malik Sarwar declared independence. He and his adopted son Mubarak Shah founded what came to be known as the Sharqi dynasty (dynasty of the East). During the Sharqi period the Jaunpur Sultanate was a strong military power in Northern India,and on several occasions threatened the Delhi ,Sultanate.

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How to Book a Cab?

Musafircab offers the Best Car Rental Service in Jaunpur for a local visit, outstation visit, Airport, and Railway transfer. You can Book a Cab in Jaunpur for an outstation visit for one way trip as well as round trip.  With Musafircab you can Book a Taxi service in Jaunpur for all available cab types AC, Non AC, Economical, SUV, Sedan, and Tempo Traveller. We also launch few offers during certain seasons and holidays. We try to provide you best Services from time to time to help you travel at the cheapest possible price. With our user-friendly website, you can book a taxi online in a few simple. 

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  2. You can also call us or WhatsApp us on +91-8881118838 to book a Cab Service in Jaunpur. Our agents will help you in planning your trip and they will explain to you all the fare detail, Offer detail and Tour Packages to you.


  Place to Visit in Jaunpur

Atala Masjid Jaunpur

Atala Masjid or Atala Mosque is a 14th-century mosque in Jaunpur, Uttar Pradesh, India. It is one of the chief tourist attractions in Jaunpur.It is located 2.2 km north-northeast of Jaunpur, 7.3 km northwest of Zafar?b?d, 16.8 km north-northeast of Mari?h?, 26.3 km west-northwest of Kir?kat.Atala Masjid was build by the destroyed remains of a hindu temple in old times and which is still visible in present structure.Atala Devi Temple was built by King Vijayachandra of the Gahadavala dynasty around 1155 A.D. Atala Devi is a Hindu goddess; She was believed to change fate, which is even unavoidable of inexorable fate. 

Shahi Pul Jaunpur

Shahi Bridge or Munim Khan's Bridge or Akbari Bridge or Mughal Bridge or Jaunpur Bridge is a 16th-century bridge over river Gomti in Jaunpur, Uttar Pradesh, India. The Shahi Bridge is located 1.7 kilometres (1.1 mi) north of Jaunpur Railway station, 7.3 kilometres (4.5 mi) northwest of Zafar?b?d, 16.2 kilometres (10.1 mi) north-northeast of Mari?h? and 26.6 kilometres (16.5 mi) west-northwest of the town of Kir?kat.

Shahi Qila, Jaunpur

Shahi Qila (Royal Fort), also known as Karar Fort or Jaunpur Fort, is a fort built during the 14th century in Jaunpur, Uttar Pradesh, India.The fort is located close to the Shahi Bridge on the Gomti river.A tourist attraction of the Jaunpur city, it is located near Shahi Bridge of the Gomti river, 2.2 kilometres (1.4 mi) from Jaunpur.Constructed by Ibrahim Naib Barbak, a chieftain of Firuz Shah Tughlaq, it is built using the material owned by temples and palaces of the Rathore kings of Kannauj. The fort was destroyed multiple times by rulers including the Lodhis and the British empire. It went through extensive renovations and repairs during the rule of the Mughal empire.


Jama Masjid,Jaunpur

Jama Masjid one of the largest mosque of India or Jama Mosque or Jami Masjid or Badi Masjid is a 15th-century mosque built by Hussain Shah Sharki in Jaunpur, Uttar Pradesh, India. It is one of the chief tourist attractions in Jaunpur. The mosque is 2.2 km north-northeast of Jaunpur, 7.3 km northwest of Zafar?b?d, 16.8 km north-northeast of Mari?h?, 26.3 km west-northwest of Kir?kat.

  Local Cab Service

Half-Day Service:  If you are having some work around the city for a short period of time, want a cab for Airport or Railway station transfer, or wanted a cab to go for a shopping or attending a wedding or party or any other occasion, you can try our Half-Day Cab service. This service is one small package of Musafircab for local usages in the city. The half-day package is a 4Hrs/40km package. Our cab will reach to you within some minutes. You can use it like the full day package, but the duration and the rental amount would be reduced to half of the full day package.If the customer needs extra hours or Kilometers additional rental charges apply.
Full-Day Service:  If you are planning to spend your entire day in the Jaunpur, you can try Full-Day cab service in Gonda also called an 8Hrs/80kmPackage.This service is most desirable for the traveler who wants to spend their entire day in the Jaunpur.

Outstation Cab Service
If any traveler wants to plan for weekend getaways or for a family leisure trip outside the city limits Musafircab arranges for a compact tour package.We take up group packages from a city in India connecting places nearby. We would send cars accommodating the size of the group.Outstation car rental service is divided into three type’s services like Roundtrip,One Way Trip and Multicity. 

Roundtrip:  This is a ‘to and fro service’ which is useful for those who would want to make a ‘to and fro’ journey from one destination to another.You can also request for a Roundtrip for multiple destinations from the destination you are staying.Musafircab provides a list of travel destinations along with a set of rental packages for a to and fro or a roundtrip journey.
One way drop:  This is for those who need just a one-way drop to their destination from a city to another destination. You can request for a one-way drop for multiple destinations from your destination.
Multi-city travel: Suppose if you plan for visiting more than one city in a fixed time limit, say for instance you would want to visit Nearest city like Jaunpur to Varanasi, Jaunpur to Ghazipur, Jaunpur to Prayagraj,avail our Multi city travel service.

  Airport and Railway transfer 
Transfer taxi service is useful for travelers who need only pick and drop facility from a location within a city.This service is useful for reaching the airport, bus stand, railway station, hotels, movie theatres and malls in a city.We would see to it that our drivers/chauffeurs are at the spot in time.The Musafircab rental package for transfer taxi is designed on a half-day package basis.That means minimum charges will be calculated per 4 hours/40 kmMusafircab has its hubs conveniently located near all major airport terminals in India thereby ensuring on-time delivery consistently. More importantly, these locations also enable handling of last-minute bookings.

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